Nagod State

Until the 18th century, the state was known as Unchahara from the name of its original capital. The chiefs of Nagod were Parihar Rajputs. In the seventh century, Parihar Rajputs drove out the Gaharwar rulers from and established themselves in the country between Mahoba and Mau.

In 1478 Raja Bhoja obtained Unchahara, which he made the chief town, and which remained so until 1720, when the capital was moved to Nagod by Raja Chainsingh. Later on the Parihars lost their territories to the Baghels and Bundelas except the limited territory that they held before 1947.


Nagod State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India on the left of Rewa State


Raja Raghvendra Singh Parihar of Nagod in his Darbar circa 1860

Raja Raghvendra Singh Parihar of Nagod in his Darbar circa 1860


Kannauj to Unchahara (later Nagod)

A section of Parihars led by Veerraj Parihar, a descendant of Kannauj’s Raja Rampal via his son Deoraj Parihar, established Unchahara State (Unchahara tehsil, Satna District). This eventually came to be known as Nagod when the capital was shifted to Nagod tehsil. It comprised much of Satna and Katni districts.

British Period

When the British became paramount after the treaty of Bassein (1820), Nagod was held to be a tributary to Panna and was included in the sanad granted to that state in 1807. In 1809, however, a separate sanad was granted to Lal Sheshraj Singh confirming him in his possessions.

India Nagod State Court Fee stamp 2a red


Nagod State court fee stamp

Nagod Pratihar Royal Family: Line of Succession

  1. Raja VEERRAJ Judeo 1344/1357
  2. Raja JUGRAJ Deo 1357/-
  3. Raja DHARSINGH Judeo -/1375
  4. Raja KISHAN DAS Judeo 1375/1400
  5. Raja VIKRAMADITYA Judeo 1400/1424
  6. Raja BHARIT CHAND 1424/1446
  7. Raja GURPAL SINGH 1446/1469
  8. Raja SURAJ PAL Judeo 1469/1491
  9. Raja BHOJ RAJ Judeo 1491/1523, obtained Unchahara, which he made the chief town in 1478, and which remained so until 1720; married and had issue, seven sons and one daughter.
  10. Raja KARAN Judeo 1523/1560, married 1stly, a daughter of Sirnet Raja Gopal Deo, married 2ndly, a daughter of Gaharwar Raja Chandra Pal Deo of Manda, and had issue, six sons.
  11. Raja PRATAP RUDRA Deo (by Rani Sirnetji)
  12. Raja PRATAP RUDRA Deo 1560/1593,
  13. Raja NARENDRA SHAH Judeo
  1. Raja BHARAT SHAH 1612/1648, married and had issue, two sons.
  3. Raja PRITHVI RAJ SINGH 1648/1685, married three wives, and had issue, eighteen sons (nine sons died young).
  4. Raja FAKIR SHAH 1685/1721
  5. Raja CHAIN SINGH 1720/1748
  6. Raja AHLAD SINGH 1748/1780
  7. Raja SHIVRAJ SINGH 1780/1818
  8. Raja BALBHADRA SINGH 1818/1831
  9. Raja YADVENDRA SINGH 1874/1922
  10. Raja NARHARENDRA SINGH 1922/1926
  11. HH Raja Shrimant MAHENDRA SINGH Ju Dev Bahadur 1926/1981
  12. HH Raja Shrimant RUDRENDRA PRATAP SINGH Ju Dev Bahadur
  13. HH Raja Shrimant SHIVENDRA PRATAP SINGH Ju Dev Bahadur
Nagod Royal Flag

Flag of Nagod State

Nagod Royal COA Jadvendra Singh 1877 - 1922

Nagod Royal COA

during the rule of
Jadvendra Singh 1877 – 1922