Alipura State

Jhujjar Parihar, second son of Raja Mahipala II (955–956) migrated to Bundelkhand. His descendant Achal Singh Parihar, son of Mukund Singh, was given land grants by Panna’s Bundela rulers, where the former established Alipura State in the Chhatrapur district.

The Pratihara ruler of Alipura signed the instrument of accession to the Indian Union on January 1 1950.

Alipura Palace

Alipura Palace

Alipura Palace, a haveli built 100 of years ago, was converted into a heritage hotel in 2008 by its owner, Rao Bahadur Raja Manvendra Singh Judeo, the Raja Saheb of Alipura, who still lives here.

ALIPURA Pratihar RAJPUT Royal Family: Line of Succession

  1. Rao ACHAL SINGH, 1st Rao of Alipura 1757/1790, son of Rao Mukund Singh, a Sardar of Panna, he received a grant of lands from Raja Aman Singh of Panna in 1757 and was the founder of Alipura; married and and issue. He died 1790.
  2. Rao PRATAP SINGH, 2nd Rao of Alipura 1790/1835
  3. Rao PANCHAM SINGH, 3rd Rao of Alipura 1835/1840
  4. Rao DAULAT SINGH, 4th Rao of Alipura 1840/1841
  5. Rao HINDUPAT SINGH, 5th Rao of Alipura 1841/1871
  6. Rao Bahadur Raja CHHATRAPATI SINGH, C.S.I., 6th Rao of Alipura 1871/1922,
  1. Rao Bahadur Raja HARPAL SINGH, 7th Rao of Alipura 1922/1934, born 12th August 1882 (#2), he succeeded to the gadi on 26th March 1922; Regent of Alipura 1919/1922, he was granted the title of Rao in 1923, and the title of Raja in 1931 as a personal distinction; married a daughter of Tomar Thakur Saheb of Porawas in Dist. Morena, M.P., and had issue, three sons and two daughters.
  2. Rao Bahadur RAGHURAJ SINGH Ju Deo, 8th Rao of Alipura 1934/1987, born 3rd March 1901; he succeeded his father to the gaddi on 14th November 1934 ; educated at Daly College, Indore and at Mayo College, Ajmer from where he passed the post diploma examination in 1923;
  3. Rao Bahadur Raja YADVENDRA SINGH Judeo, 9th Raja of Alipura 1987/1990, born 31st August
  4. Rao Bahadur Raja MANVENDRA SINGH Judeo, 10th Raja of Alipura