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Why historical “Gurjara” is not same as caste-name Gujjar: A Historical Perspective

One has often seen the terms ‘Gurjara’ and Gujjar’ being used interchangeably. Do both terms mean the same thing? If that were the case, then why are these two terms different instead of having just one standard term? A deep dive into history throws up clear answers and tell us the difference between Gurjara pradesh […]

Mihir Bhoj Jayanti 2022 – Download Posters & Banners

Download Mihirbhoj Banner

Download images (posters / banners / pamphlets) to use in social media campaigns or for personal use. We also consider requests to provide high resolution ready-to-print images for A3/A4 posters and large flex print banners. We may remove watermark in case we receive request from a partner organisation or active and contributing members of the […]