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मंडोर में प्रतिहारवंशी क्षत्रियों ने शुरू किया “हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान”

“हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान” प्रतिहार वंश के लोगो ने शुरू किया अभियान मंडोर में जुटे प्रदेश सहित देशभर से प्रतिहार वंश के लोग इन्दावटी के राणां प्रताप सिंह के आह्वान पर लोगजोधपुर–हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान के तहत राणा प्रताप सिंह, ईन्दावटी कोट बेलवा के आह्वान से प्रदेश के कोने-कोने के साथ ही गुजरात,मध्य […]

Pratihara and Sultanate-era silver coins found near Jaipur

Pratihara and Sultanate-era silver coins found near Jaipur

JAIPUR: Eighty-two coins dating back to Pratihara (8-11 CE) and Sultanate (12-15 CE) period have been discovered together from an empty pond in Jamwaramgarh near Jaipur. The coins were found in an earthen pot spotted by MGNREGA workers while digging the pond on Sunday. Experts have concluded that the discovery of coins strengthens the historical […]

Gujjar politics and the Mihir Bhoj controversy

In her 2014 paper “Pastoral Predicament: The Gujars in History” Prof. Shail Mayaram -made the case for the Gujjars of Rajasthan and the NCR to secure ST reservation. In the same paper, Gujjars of Rajasthan and the NCR were clubbed together, not only with the Scheduled Tribe Vangujars of Himachal, but also (quite erroneously) with […]

Rajput bodies plan mega events to mark King Mihir Bhoj’s birth anniversary

Mihir-Bhoj-Rajpur-Pratihar-Banner-Kshatriya Parishad

Rajput organisations have planned mega events to mark the birth anniversary of 9th century ruler Mihir Bhoj. The celebration comes at a time when several Rajput bodies have raised their voice against “distortion” and “appropriation” of their history. The Rajput bodies have planned the events at over 40 places across Uttar Pradesh and over 200 […]

Arunoday Singh, King Mihir Bhoj’s descendant, urges PM Modi to stop distortion of Rajput history

Kunwar Arunoday Singh Parihar Prince of Nagod estate in Madhya Pradesh

By Abhishek Anand for India Today: The prince of Nagod state of Madhya Pradesh, the direct descendant of the ninth-century ruler Samrat Mihir Bhoj, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to stop distortion of Rajput history. Kunwar Arunoday Singh Parihar, the prince of Nagod state, which was founded in the 13th century […]

जाति नहीं स्थान का बोध कराता है गुर्जर; राजपूत शासक थे प्रतिहार वंश के मिहिरभोज : BHU के इतिहासकार

ग्वालियर में प्रतिहार वंश के शासक मिहिर भोज की प्रतिमा पर गुर्जर जाति के सामने आने के बाद देश भर में बहस छिड़ गई है कि वह क्षत्रिय थे न कि गुर्जर। उधर, 22 सितंबर को मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ गाजियाबाद के दादरी में मिहिर भोज की प्रतिमा का अनावरण करेंगे। प्रतिमा के शिलापट्ट पर गुर्जर […]

Pratihara era Shiva idol smuggled to UK returned to India

A tenth Century stolen Shiva statue has been brought to India from the United Kingdom

LONDON: A valuable statue of Shiva that was stolen from a temple in Rajasthan 22 years ago and smuggled to Britain was finally repatriated to India on Thursday. The 10th-century CE “Natesh Shiva murti” positioned in the “chatura” yogic pose with “jatamakuta and trinetra” (untamed hair and three-eyed), has been sent to the Archaeological Survey […]