‘Stop distortion of Rajput History’: Mihir Bhoj’s descendant to govt

Stop distortion of Rajput History Mihir Bhojs descendant to govt

Kunwar Arunoday Singh Parihar, who is the prince of Nagod estate in Madhya Pradesh and who claims to be the direct descendant of King Mihir Bhoj (44th in line of descendency from the legendary king), has expressed his deep anguish in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the current appropriation of his ancestor […]

जाति नहीं स्थान का बोध कराता है गुर्जर; राजपूत शासक थे प्रतिहार वंश के मिहिरभोज : BHU के इतिहासकार

ग्वालियर में प्रतिहार वंश के शासक मिहिर भोज की प्रतिमा पर गुर्जर जाति के सामने आने के बाद देश भर में बहस छिड़ गई है कि वह क्षत्रिय थे न कि गुर्जर। उधर, 22 सितंबर को मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ गाजियाबाद के दादरी में मिहिर भोज की प्रतिमा का अनावरण करेंगे। प्रतिमा के शिलापट्ट पर गुर्जर […]

Imperial Pratihars: India’s glorious chapter forgotten in history books

Imperial Pratihars India’s glorious chapter forgotten in history books

At a time when Arab imperialism was growing in the Middle-East region and Central Asia in the seventh century, they couldn’t make much headway beyond Sindh in the Indian subcontinent. The primary reason for this resistance was the rule of the Imperial Pratihars who created a bulwark of defence against the marauding Islamic invaders bringing […]

Pratihara era Shiva idol smuggled to UK returned to India

A tenth Century stolen Shiva statue has been brought to India from the United Kingdom

LONDON: A valuable statue of Shiva that was stolen from a temple in Rajasthan 22 years ago and smuggled to Britain was finally repatriated to India on Thursday. The 10th-century CE “Natesh Shiva murti” positioned in the “chatura” yogic pose with “jatamakuta and trinetra” (untamed hair and three-eyed), has been sent to the Archaeological Survey […]