Why historical “Gurjara” is not same as caste-name Gujjar: A Historical Perspective

One has often seen the terms ‘Gurjara’ and Gujjar’ being used interchangeably. Do both terms mean the same thing? If that were the case, then why are these two terms different instead of having just one standard term? A deep dive into history throws up clear answers and tell us the difference between Gurjara pradesh […]

Mihir Bhoj Jayanti 2022 – Download Posters & Banners

Download Mihirbhoj Banner

Download images (posters / banners / pamphlets) to use in social media campaigns or for personal use. We also consider requests to provide high resolution ready-to-print images for A3/A4 posters and large flex print banners. We may remove watermark in case we receive request from a partner organisation or active and contributing members of the […]

मंडोर में प्रतिहारवंशी क्षत्रियों ने शुरू किया “हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान”

“हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान” प्रतिहार वंश के लोगो ने शुरू किया अभियान मंडोर में जुटे प्रदेश सहित देशभर से प्रतिहार वंश के लोग इन्दावटी के राणां प्रताप सिंह के आह्वान पर लोगजोधपुर–हमारी विरासत हमारा गौरव अभियान के तहत राणा प्रताप सिंह, ईन्दावटी कोट बेलवा के आह्वान से प्रदेश के कोने-कोने के साथ ही गुजरात,मध्य […]

Pratihara and Sultanate-era silver coins found near Jaipur

Pratihara and Sultanate-era silver coins found near Jaipur

JAIPUR: Eighty-two coins dating back to Pratihara (8-11 CE) and Sultanate (12-15 CE) period have been discovered together from an empty pond in Jamwaramgarh near Jaipur. The coins were found in an earthen pot spotted by MGNREGA workers while digging the pond on Sunday. Experts have concluded that the discovery of coins strengthens the historical […]

Gujjar politics and the Mihir Bhoj controversy

In her 2014 paper “Pastoral Predicament: The Gujars in History” Prof. Shail Mayaram -made the case for the Gujjars of Rajasthan and the NCR to secure ST reservation. In the same paper, Gujjars of Rajasthan and the NCR were clubbed together, not only with the Scheduled Tribe Vangujars of Himachal, but also (quite erroneously) with […]

Emperor Mihirbhoj Pratihāra: Saving his legacy from vote bank politics

Emperor Mihirbhoj Pratihar vote bank politics

The birth anniversary of Rajput Emperor Mihirbhoj Parihar, one of the greatest rulers of the ninth century, is being celebrated across north India on October 18. Celebrations are particularly notable in historical towns of Pratihars (their descendants are now known as Parihar Rajputs) like Mandore, Bhinmal, Kannauj, Gwalior, and Nagod. Ironically, the celebrations have not […]

Rajput bodies plan mega events to mark King Mihir Bhoj’s birth anniversary

Mihir-Bhoj-Rajpur-Pratihar-Banner-Kshatriya Parishad

Rajput organisations have planned mega events to mark the birth anniversary of 9th century ruler Mihir Bhoj. The celebration comes at a time when several Rajput bodies have raised their voice against “distortion” and “appropriation” of their history. The Rajput bodies have planned the events at over 40 places across Uttar Pradesh and over 200 […]

History explained: The origin of Gurjara-Pratihāra

It is confusion created by politicians and self-proclaimed historians that has unfortunately led to the Gujjar and Rajput communities being at loggerheads with each other over the past few years. The problem started with the distortion of the identity of medieval Rajput Emperor Mihirbhoj Pratihar for narrow political gains. Unsurprisingly, it was BJP, which started […]

Arunoday Singh, King Mihir Bhoj’s descendant, urges PM Modi to stop distortion of Rajput history

Kunwar Arunoday Singh Parihar Prince of Nagod estate in Madhya Pradesh

By Abhishek Anand for India Today: The prince of Nagod state of Madhya Pradesh, the direct descendant of the ninth-century ruler Samrat Mihir Bhoj, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to stop distortion of Rajput history. Kunwar Arunoday Singh Parihar, the prince of Nagod state, which was founded in the 13th century […]